The hard work you will do is to receive the money at the end of each month. Your gain is our gain

You have an apartment in Lisbon, would like to rent it for tourism but still be able to have a life? We are what you need! We market your property, manage the reservations, prepare to the guests arrival. We do check in, check out and make sure that everything is in order. During their stay we offer all the help and assistance necessary and at check out we are present to make sure there weren’t any problems and we have another happy customer.

We have a full team that will save you from all the headaches of managing a vacation property, from maintenance, to decoration and the bureaucratic process.

We treat your property as our own, and since we work on commission bases,  your gain is our gain.

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Your property everywhere
International advertising

We have been working in tourism for 10 years and planning multi-channel marketing campaigns for the same time. First to our own apartments and more thoroughly since we are property managers. Essentially, we know what works and what doesn’t online, offline and on the go. For our business the international audience represents 90% or more of sales. We have worked to identify key websites all over the continents, we have tested a large variety and know which placements drive traffic and which don’t.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile provides a powerful platform to reach our customers and we have seen, in the last years, an important rise of bookings received through mobile devices. Our website is fully compatible with tablets or smartphones and we take advantage of all the possibilities our partners offer us in mobile platforms.

What to expect

Our owners receive a fully integrated solution ensuring that their property is well advertised and through the tested and proven  media channels, tried all over the years, we speak directly to the consumer.  Our Owners can always expect that our multi-channel approach will identify, reach, and engage the highest number of  consumers.


Do you still think 1 bed and 1 chair is enough to rent your property?

If you are those owners who still think interior design it’s not important? Well, think again. The number of holiday homes in Lisbon has grown very fast in the last years. Location is still important, but how many holiday apartments are in your area?

The prices are more or less the same and if you have a vacation rental you want to take some profit from it. So where can you make the difference? Don’t know how to decorate your holiday home to attract more clients? Or have a low budget?

Our professional team can work with you in finding the best solutions so that your property can make a difference.

Please contact us for further information by phone: +351 218 871 417 or

We’re looking forward to hear from you

Sweet Lisbon Team


Nearly 1 in 5 minutes online are spent on social networks. 3 in 4 minutes on social networking sites are spent on Facebook.

Social media is the most talked new marketing channel…and for good reason.

Social Media allows our brand  to have one-on-one communication with our guests, future and past. We design our content strategy in order to strengthen Sweet Lisbon’s voice across multiple social media networks, increase our  fan base and convert those fans into brand-loyal consumers. It’s also our way to keep in touch with past guests, keep them informed of what is happening in our lovely city and our special promotions.

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