Getting Around in Alfama

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19 February 2019

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Getting Around in Alfama

Our Guesthouse is well surrounded by public tranport.

The tram 28E is at 700 Mts near S. Vicente de Fora Monastery. Near the river at Santa Apolónia  you’ll find the Metro station (blue line), the train station that goes North passing at Orient Station and the bus stop where several buses will take you to all over the city.

Bus 728 will take you to Belém or to Parque das Nações. However the best way to arrive at Parque das Nações is by taking the train.

Located in Alfama, you’re already at the historic center and within walking distance of Rua Augusta and Praça do Comércio in Baixa, the heart of Lisbon, so the best way to visit this area is by walking.

Take the train at Rossio station and visit World Heritage Sintra. The station is 2.3 kms from the Guesthouse. You  may take the Metro, but the stroll through Alfama and Baixa it’s fantastic and … it’s flat!

2.2 Km from our Guesthouse you’ll find Cais do Sodré. The walk is always near the river, so please don’t take the subway or the bus unless you really need it, because it’s really worth it. The train will take you to Cascais, just remember to seat on the left for the best view. From here you may also take the ferry and visit the other side of the river.

Cacilhas is known for the excellent restaurants and amazing views of the river and Lisbon. With luck you may also see dolphins.  While you are there don’t forget to visit Fragata D. Fernando II e Glória and Cristo Rei.

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